Hypothyroidism: 6-Step Routine To Manage Thyroid Level At Home

Hypothyroidism is common nowadays. Here is a 6-step routine to manage thyroid levels at home.

Written by The Health Site Web Desk | Updated : September 15, 2023 10:05 AM IST


Thyroid is a condition in which the thyroid glands overproduce or do not produce enough hormone. Thyroid gland hormones help regulate metabolism. In hypothyroidism, the glands do not produce enough hormone. Symptoms of hypothyroidism include tiredness, sensitivity to cold, weight gain, constipation, depression, slow movements and thoughts, muscle aches, weakness, or muscle cramps. There is no treatment yet discovered, but you can manage this through lifestyle, dietary habits, exercise, and more.

Stress Management

Start managing your stress. Practice meditation and yoga to manage your stress and bring calmness and peace to your mind. Too much stress can slow your metabolism.

Maintain A Sleep Schedule

Sleep also plays an important role in your thyroid health. If you don't get enough sleep, your body feels tired and has low energy, which further affects your metabolism. Therefore, try to get at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep daily. Also Read - 7 Signs You Are Sleeping Too Less

Eat Nutrient Rich Diet

You should have a proper nutrient-rich diet throughout your day. In your first meal, try to include all nutrients and minerals. This will make you feel full and help you avoid junk or unhealthy food.

Eat Gut-Friendly Diet

It is important to eat a gut-friendly diet because it will help you maintain good gut microbes. These beneficial gut microbes assist in the absorption of minerals and vitamins, which can affect your thyroid levels.