7 tips to prevent the spread of Ebola

The 'key' to end Ebola outbreak is to prevent it from spreading. Find out how.

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Ebola Epidemic Spain

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Avoid Crowded Places

Avoid crowded-places: Direct contact can cause transfer of the virus. So, the sick should be isolated from healthy individuals to prevent spread of the disease. Those in severely affected nations should avoid wandering in crowded places.

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Avoid Unnecessary Travel

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Ebola In The US

Use protective gear: For healthcare workers and medical staff, it is absolutely mandatory to use protective gear including gloves, special masks and a body suit to prevent exposure to the virus. Even healthy individuals living in affected West African countries should use gloves and mask to prevent spread of the disease.

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Stay Away From Body Fluids

Avoid direct contact with body fluids: Ebola virus spreads through all body fluids including blood, semen, saliva, sweat, urine, fecal matter and vomit of infected individuals. Healthcare workers and medical staff who are more likely to come in contact with infected body fluids, infected needles and first aid, should handle them with protective gear, and possibly intermittently monitor themselves under proper supervision.

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Treat Injuries

Treat injuries: Open wounds and injuries can give the virus an opportunity to enter the body. Therefore, minor cuts and bleeding injuries should be kept covered and be treated at once.

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Maintain sanitary conditions: Basic hygiene does play a very important role in preventing the spread of the Ebola virus. The exact way by which the virus enters the body is still debatable but skin and eyes are suggested routes for viral entry. However, food and water may also serve as source of entry. So, simple acts like washing hands before eating and disinfecting surfaces and covering the mouth can help prevent the spread of the virus, especially in areas surrounding the areas of outbreak.