6 warning signs of high blood pressure you should NEVER ignore

Signs that indicate you may be suffering from high blood pressure.

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Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure

Often referred to as the silent killer, high blood pressure symptoms may never be too clear. However, ignoring even the slightest of signs could lead to further complications and increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. If you have a family history of blood pressure, ignoring these symptoms will cause more harm. Here are some unusual symptoms you should watch out for.

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Headaches: Severe and frequent headaches are often ignored and related to migraine or sinusitis. However, sudden increase in the frequency of headaches indicates high blood pressure as the oxygen supply to the brain reduces because of the fast pumping of blood to other organs.

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Blurry vision: Dizziness for a few seconds or blurry vision are also associated with high blood pressure. If your eye tests do not show any negative results, then you must consult a doctor and get your condition diagnosed.

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Nose Bleed

Nosebleed: Frequent episodes of nose bleeding i.e. more than once a week are also linked to high blood pressure. This happens because the tiny blood vessels in your nose suffer damage due to the fast paced blood flow.

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Elevated Heart Rate

Elevated heart rate: If you start panting when you climb stairs or do daily activities like walking or picking weights, and if your heart is beating too fast, you may be suffering from high blood pressure.

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Anxiety: Dizziness, lack or loss of interest in daily activities and feeling lazy, loss of consciousness and anxiety collectively could indicate high blood pressure.