Heart disease: 9 healthy foods you must have with caution

With cardiovascular diseases, you must proceed with caution when you eat these healthy foods, to keep your heart in good shape.

Written by Upneet Pansare | Published : April 13, 2018 10:39 AM IST


If you have cardiovascular diseases, you know the struggle. You have to constantly monitor your food, physical activity, stress levels to keep your heart health in check. But in the quest to lead a healthy life, you may be committing some mistakes. Madhuri Ruia, nutrition specialist and Pilates expert, lists 9 healthy foods that may be bad for your heart (if you don't have them in moderation).


Brown Rice

Brown rice: Just because you are having brown rice instead of white rice doesn’t mean you can go overboard with it. Brown rice can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases because of to its antioxidant properties. But make sure you eat just one serving- 1/3rd cup every day.


Fish: Oily fish is amazing for the heart. Full of Omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil has anti-inflammatory properties that allow the heart to contract better thus bringing down incidence of heart attacks. But make sure you have it baked or shallow-fried. Deep fried or tandoori fish is out of the question. Tandoor cooking exposes the food to very high temperatures. This boosts risk of heart disease, according to a few studies. You should have fatty fish just thrice a week.


Vegetables (Tubers)

Vegetables – You should be eating more vegetables for sure. But you need to have them either sautéed or steamed. Not fried. Keep away the tubers like potatoes or sweet potatoes. Too much starch can start piling up on your arteries. Tubers also absorb a lot of oil.


Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate – It is full of trans fats which will worsen your heart condition. So keep to a maximum of one piece per day.


Orange Juice

Fruits – Fruits are easy to digest. They have too much sugar which converts to triglycerides. Don’t load up on fruits just because they are a healthy food option. You must keep away from fruit juices. Fruit juices are invariably packed with excess sugar because to get one glass of juice, you usually need about 3-4 fruits. Also Read - Want To Eat In A Guilt-Free Manner This Winter? Try These Healthy Recipes