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Follow these coping strategies for liver cirrhosis

Do you know that cutting down on alcohol and smoking can be beneficial for your liver and keep cirrhosis at bay? Read on to know more about the tips helpful for protecting your liver.

Written by Editorial Team | Updated : April 1, 2019 8:34 AM IST



Cirrhosis of the liver is a condition wherein scar tissue tends to replace one's healthy liver cells. It can be termed as a progressive disease, which gradually develops over many years. If it is not addressed on time then the buildup of scar tissue may also hamper the functioning of your liver. You will exhibit symptoms like leg and ankle swelling, poor appetitive, tiredness, itchy skin, changes in the colour of your stool-pale or dark, dark colour urine and cognitive issues like confusion. Too much alcohol intake, chronic infections, smoking, obesity, cholesterol and genetic factors can put you at the risk of it. So, just consult your doctor immediately, in case you notice symptoms like pale or dark stool and other too. Along with doctor's medication, opt for these natural hacks.



Say NO to smoking: Smoking can raise your risk of liver cirrhosis and cancer too. Tobacco is loaded with toxic chemicals which can lead to inflammation and cause cirrhosis. Not only this, it produces chemical like cytokines (which increase your inflammation and damage your liver cells).



Avoid these foods: Give up on spicy, processed, sugary and oily foods. A study published in The Journal of Hepatology revealed that people who opted for more one or more than one sugar-sweetened beverages per day had higher markers of fatty liver disease. So, follow these instructions right away and improve your liver health.