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5 factors that can increase the risk of recurring kidney stones

Did you know that drinking water loaded with minerals can put you at risk of recurring kidney stones?

Written by Bhavyajyoti Chilukoti | Updated : December 5, 2016 1:11 PM IST


Kidney Stones

Most people do not know that kidneys stones can occur more than once and it's more than just genetics. Dr Pradip Shah, Consultant Physician at Mumbai's Fortis Hospital, explains the various factors that predispose you to recurring kidney stones.


Water Quality

Poor quality of water: Did you know that the drinking water high in minerals can also put you at risk of recurring kidney stones? This is the reason why people who drink water from wells are at high risk than those drinking tap water.


Structual Abnormality

Structural abnormality of the urinary tract: If you suffer from a condition that is impeding the smooth flow of the urine, then the tendency of stone formation is high. This is the reason, why people with structural abnormalities are recommended to undergo an ultrasound every year to know about kidney stones. Also Read - 5 Superfoods For Full Body Detox



Foods habits: If you are drinking aerated drinks like colas, which are acidic in nature, your risk of suffering from kidneys stones the second time is also high. Hence, avoid acidic foods, beetle nuts, chuna and salt as these can put you at risk.



Thyroid cancer: Yes, cancer of the thyroid tumour can affect the functioning of the parathyroid gland (which is present close to the thyroid gland). As parathyroid gland plays a key role in calcium metabolism, a tumour of the thyroid gland can affect parathyroid hormone, causing calcium deposition at abnormal sites, including kidneys. Also Read - Menstrual Cycle And Periods: Why It Might Be Wrong To Use The Terms Interchangeably