6 essential oils that give women relief from discomforts of menopause

These essential oils help women to deal with a number of symptoms that can cause discomfort and are effective too.

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Essential Oils For Menopause

Many women face a lot of discomforts during menopause – hot flashes, low libido, vaginal dryness – what have you. These symptoms are an outcome of dip in estrogen levels that mark menopause. Some women might have to go on hormone replacement therapy to counter the effects of menopause, however, HRT have its own side-effects. But there are other natural ways to deal with the discomforts of menopause which are safe and have no side-effects. Essential oils also help to deal with certain symptoms of menopause and promise better relief. Here are list of some essential oils that are beneficial for menopausal women.

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Clary Sage Oil

Clary sage: Three to four drops of this oil when mixed with coconut or jojoba oil and massaged at the back of the neck and feet help to give relief from hot flashes. Inhaling this oil also helps to alleviate mood and continuous use can also prevent osteoarthritis.

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Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil: Few drops of peppermint oil when applied in a tissue and inhaled helps to relive cramps that one might experience during menopause and it also give relieve from hot flashes.

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Lavender Oil

Lavender oil: This oil helps to restore hormonal imbalances and induce sleep. It helps to fight menopause-induced insomnia and also works as a mood lifter. In fact, diluted lavender oils when used in the perineum area can also ease discomforts in that area.

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Germanium Oil

Geranium oil: Adding few drops to a hot water bath can help to rejuvenate dry skin and reduce inflammation. Inhaling this oil can also help in relieving stress.

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Basil Oils

Basil: This oil can also be helpful against hot flashes when diluted and applied to your feet or rubbed across the back of your neck.

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Citrus Oil

Citrus: Studies suggest that inhaling this oil can help curb the physical symptoms of menopause and improve libido.