Disordered Eating: Tips To Overcome It In The Children

Disordered eating can become serious problem if you won't focus on it. Here are 4 tips to overcome it in the children.

Written by The Health Site Web Desk | Updated : September 3, 2023 12:01 PM IST

What Is Disordered Eating?

Disordered eating is the term used for a less severe eating disorder. It involves abnormal eating behaviors. Its signs are feelings of guilt or shame around eating habits, as well as restrictions on the consumption of particular foods. It is an irregular, restrictive and inflexible eating pattern. Binge eating and fasting are common behaviors associated with disordered eating. Signs in children are excessive weight loss or gain, irregular meal times, hair loss, hyperactivity and seeking reasons to skip meals. Consequences for children suffering from this may include stunted growth, low body weight, malnutrition and diseases affecting the bones, digestive system and heart.

Mental Health Disorders

You should take care of your child's mental health disorder by taking her to the doctor, providing the necessary nutrients, managing their behaviour and development. Also Read - Unlocking Transformative Benefits of Yogurt

Consulting Nutrition Specialists

You should consult a nutrition specialist for proper advice and a balanced diet chart is important. This will help in your child's overall health and development.

Family-Based Treatment And Medication

Family-based treatment is important for children with disordered eating. The whole family helps the child recover from this disorder. Parents receive training on how to support their child and how to weight gain. Doctors may also prescribe medication if required. Also Read - Fuel Your Mornings with These Under-15-Minute Breakfast Recipes

Psychological Treatment

In Psychological treatment they monitore your child's thought process and actions. Doctors aim to change the child's negative and abnormal thought patterns and images related to food and eating.