6 diseases that can benefit from cutting down sugar

Going off sugar decreases the risk of many serious illnesses.

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Planning to go off sugar? Good idea. In the present day and age, no other poison enjoys the reputation sugar does. Despite all the warnings issued by research, sugar is still widely consumed. Apart from being addictive, sugar precipitates and worsens many health conditions. That's why cutting down on sugar makes perfect sense from a health perspective. Here are 6 diseases that can benefit from going off sugar.

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Autoimmune diseases: Sugar is a big part of the dreaded western diet, which is known to increase inflammation in the body. Sugar also causes alterations in the gut microbiota and ruins digestive health, letting autoimmune diseases run amok in the body. In naturopathic healing system, the first step towards healing autoimmune diseases is quitting inflammatory food stuff like sugar.

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Insulin resistance risk: A high sugar diet, especially with a lot of fructose, is shown to cause insulin resistance, in which the cells do not respond to insulin. This increases the concentration of sugar in the blood, raising your risk of type 2 diabetes and other metabolic disorders. Research also says that higher the amount of sugar in the population's diet, the higher the diabetes rate. This clearly shows that eliminating sugar can help bring down your diabetes risk.

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Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD): Liver is responsible for metabolising fructose, which leads to lipid or fat accumulation in the organ. So a high intake of fructose raises the risk of developing NAFLD, even if you are a complete teetotaller. So cutting down on sugar relieves your liver and stops the progression of NAFLD.

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Heart diseases: Again, fats were solely blamed for the longest time for its role in causing heart problems. But it has been proven that sugar causes more damage to the heart and arteries than fats. It can also cause an increase in LDL or bad cholesterol, which constricts the arteries and increases blood glucose and insulin levels. Going off sugar can give your heart and the arteries the break it deserves.

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Addictions: Sugar is said to worsen addictions in smokers and alcoholics. People who are addicted to tobacco and alcohol also have an inclination towards sugar and carb rich foods. Sugar releases the neurotransmitter called dopamine in the brain. This makes them crave addictive substances like cigarettes and drugs, which tends to have the same effect on the brain as sugar, i.e. it releases dopamine and enhances the mood. So if you are trying to beat an addiction, consider eliminating sugar from your diet.