6 different types of thermometers available in India

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Ways To Measure Body Temperature

Fever is typically body’s natural response to an infection. If you are wondering what is the best way to measure your body temperature accurately, we have a list for you.

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Digital Stick Thermometer

Digital stick thermometer: You can put the stick thermometer in your mouth or place it in your armpit. The oral readings of this thermometer are most accurate.

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Digital Ear Thermometer

Digital ear thermometer: It can be an excellent way to measure temperature of fidgety kids. The ear thermometer can measure the temperature of the ear canal in one second. All you need to do is put it in the ear so that you position the thermometer correctly.

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Digital Oral Thermometer

Digital oral thermometer: An oral thermometer can give accurate readings in 30 seconds.

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Mercury Thermometer

Mercury thermometer: To check the temperature with a mercury thermometer you need to have one lying down and put the thermometer in their mouth. It can be difficult to find the accurate measure, so it is recommended that you replace this with a modern one.

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Forehead Thermometer Strip

Forehead temperature strips: Quick and easy to use, forehead thermometer strips may not be that reliable, as the temperature readings may be affected by the surrounding environment. You simply need to hold the strip on your forehead until there is a change in colour on the strip.

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Wearable Thermometer

Wearable thermometer: Wearable thermometers will allow you to monitor the body temperature consistently. You can constantly wear them on your wrist. This gadget can, however, be quite expensive.