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Different types of swelling you shouldn't ignore

There can be more to swelling than just water accumulation, it could be a sign of a dangerous disease.

Written by Poorva Chavan | Published : January 26, 2016 10:21 AM IST



Fluid accumulation beneath the skin usually results in swelling. But there can be more to swelling than just water accumulation, it could be a sign of dangerous disease.


Facial Swelling

Facial swelling--When fluid builds up in facial tissues, it leads to swelling making your face look puffed up. Many times, swelling that is accompanied by redness and pain is due to an allergic reaction to some drugs or allergens like dust and pollen. Disorders like that of the thyroid can also cause facial swelling. Also Read - Ayurveda Remedies: How They Evolved Over The Years?



Swollen feet--People who sit in one position for a long time or those who have no movement whatsoever are more likely to suffer from swollen feet. Plus, it's a common symptom of diseases like heart disease, kidney disease, and deep vein thrombosis. Another reason for swollen feet in women is water retention during periods and menopause. Also Read - 7 Great Benefits Of Having Quark In Your Diet


Swollen Breasts

Swollen breasts--Swollen breasts are common during pregnancy as the hormones start gushing because of the implantation of the embryo. Swollen breasts are also associated with PMS and diseases like breast cancer. In breast cancer, the skin around the nipples, which is usually soft and supple, turns thick and hard and the nipples turn orangish.


Swollen Testicles

Swollen testicles--Swollen testicles accompanied by pain is called orchitis. The swelling occurs due to inflammation of the epididymis- a narrow tube within the testicle that connects efferent ducts to the vas deferens. A few other common reasons for swollen testicles could be a bacterial or viral infections and sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhoea. Also Read - Benefits Of Apricot: Boost Your Immunity & Overall Health In Winters With Apricots, Watch Video


Swollen Neck

Swollen neck--The swelling in neck is usually a sign of enlarged or swollen lymph nodes. Injury or infections of the tooth, gums, skin and other diseases can result in enlarged lymph nodes that can cause a swelling in the neck. Diseases like mumps are also characterised by swelling beneath the ears. Goitre, which is the enlargement of the thyroid gland, also causes swelling in the neck.


Swollen Eyes

Swollen/puffy eyes--No one wants to wake up to puffy eyes. Crying, excessive alcohol intake and dehydration can cause puffy eyes. However this kind of swelling subsides with time but swelling due to eye injuries, allergies, conjunctivitis and hormonal imbalances may take time to subside and might need a visit to the doctor. Also Read - How To Stop Motions During Pregnancy?