Diabetes mellitus: Indian spices that can lower blood sugar levels

It wouldn't be wrong to refer to Indian spices as medicines. After all, they exhibit so many medicinal properties. Some of these are very beneficial in the treatment and management of diabetes.

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Diabetes Indian Spices

Several studies have shown that some medications taken for diabetes treatment have toxic side effects, with long-term exposure to some medications also weakening the response to their effects. This is why Indian spices with their phenolic compounds have been studied for their efficacy in the prevention of diabetes. According to a research, these spices have antisugar effects related to the prevention and control of diabetes. Here are some of the spices.

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Cinnamon Diabetes

Cinnamon decreases plasma glucose, total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels. Also Read - New Bioengineered Cornea Helps Blind People See: It Is Made Of Protein From Pig Skin

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Cumin Diabetes

Daily dose of black fennel or cumin seeds (2 g) can significantly reduce blood glucose levels.

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Ginger Diabetes

Ginger can reduce fasting blood glucose and HbA1c and also improve insulin resistance. Also Read - Wish To Live Longer? Include These 4 Essential Nutrients In Your Diet

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Methi Diabetes

Fenugreek lowers blood sugar levels and glycerol triphosphate.

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Turmeric Diabetes

Curcuma is useful in controlling blood sugar and reduces oxidative stress and inflammation. Also Read - COVID Rise Continues Across India, 49 Deaths Reported In Last 24 Hours