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5 daily habits that can cause premature ageing

Get rid of these habits if you want to continue looking young and also live a healthier life!

Written by Anuradha Varanasi | Published : February 18, 2016 10:15 AM IST

5 Daily Habits That Can Cause Premature Ageing

We all want to lead a long and healthy life and while we're at it, also look young and feel great about ourselves. However, did you know that these 5 habits can not only cause premature skin ageing, but also cut down your life expectancy? The third slide is one habit we all need to fight against!

You Sit At One Place For Hours On End

You sit at one place for hours on end: A sedentary lifestyle not only accelerates the effects of ageing, but it could also make you more prone to chronic diseases and lifestyle ailments [1]. If you have a desk job, get up from your seat every one hour and walk around your office. Also take up a sport you can pursue during weekends to increase your physical activity. Also Read - 6 Myths On Menopause Debunked

You Drink Soda Beverages

You drink soda beverages: The high sugar content in your favourite soda beverages could cause accelerated cell ageing and make you more prone to metabolic diseases [2]. Other than that, it can also make your skin appear older.

You Love Binge-watching TV

You love binge-watching TV: A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine in 2012 revealed that every single hour of TV viewed after the age of 25 reduces the viewer's life expectancy by 21.8 minutes [3]. Also Read - Get Toned Buttocks With These Yoga Asanas

You Don’t Get Adequate Sleep

You don’t get adequate sleep: If you're not getting at least 8 hours of sleep, studies have found that your skin will look older and you will have a lower satisfaction with your appearance [4].

You Don’t Consume Enough Omega-3 Fatty Acids

You don’t consume enough omega-3 fatty acids: If you have been cutting down on your fats consumption in hopes of losing weight, you will only end up looking and feeling older than usual. This is because omega-3 fatty acids are highly effective in preventing age-related brain deterioration [5]. Also Read - Weight Loss Plateau: What Causes The Human Body To Slow Down Weight Loss?