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5 causes of burnout at work

Are you constantly feeling fatigued, exhausted and stressed out at work? You could be suffering from burnout.

Written by Anuradha Varanasi | Updated : February 11, 2016 11:15 AM IST


5 Things That Can Cause Professional Burnout

The term ‘burnout’ was first coined by a German psychologist, H. Freudenberger in 1980 and defined it as ‘the signs and symptoms characterised by loss of energy and feelings of life being broken into pieces’. Being burnout also means feeling overwhelmed and an inability to meet demands and results in lack of motivation and exhaustion. These are the 5 common causes of professional burnout you should be aware about.


Long Commute To Work Leads To Stress

Long commute to work: A study conducted at the University of Montreal found that there is a strong correlation between the stress factors of long commutes to work and the likelihood of suffering from occupational burnout. Researchers said that the bigger the city you live in, the commute is more stressful even if you drive a car.  Also Read - Earthquakes: Possible Injuries And Prevention


Being A Perfectionist Can Lead To Emotional Burnout

Being a perfectionist: Psychologists from York St. John University in England say that perfectionists are a lot more prone to burnout because of their constant fears and doubts about their performance at work. As this creates stress, psychologists say it can lead to burnout when these perfectionists stop caring and become cynical [1].


Long Working Shifts Can Cause Emotional Exhaustion

Working in 12 hours long shifts: Researchers have found that healthcare workers, especially nurses, who have to work 12 hour shifts are highly prone to burnout and job dissatisfaction due to emotional exhaustion [2]. Try to complete your work within eight hours and avoid jobs with such long shifts to keep burnout at bay. Also Read - Things You Must Not Say To Expecting Moms


Living In A Conflict Area

Living in a conflict area: The fear of terror of violence disrupting is a major cause for job stress and burnout [3]. Doctors from New Tel Aviv Univeristy found that those living in conflict areas are prone to anxiety related insomnia that could lead to professional burnout in the long run.


Hostile Work Environment Causes Stress And Burnout

Poor work environment: Positive social interactions with your colleagues and supervisor are essential for increasing productivity and reducing any form of conflict. However, having no one to discuss your issues with at the workplace and being around negative co-workers can also lead to burnout.  Also Read - How Cancer Care In India Is Improving?