8 things you didn't know your smartphone could do (Slide Show)

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8 Things You Didn't Know Your Smart Phone Could Do

Smartphones are no more a luxury item and have become one of the most necessary accessories in day-to-day life. While a lot of health effects have been linked to them, there are a few things you probably don't know your smartphone can do!

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Can Help You Lose Weight

We are all aware about the many applications that claim to help you track your weight loss easily and help you lose weight effectively. A new study has confirmed that these apps are actually beneficial and keep one motivated to lose weight. Also Read - Ayurvedic Treatment To Improve Eye Sight: Know How To Make Vision Better As Per Ayurveda, Watch Video

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Can Give You Wrinkles

A study has revealed that using smartphones gives you wrinkles around the neck and chin as constantly looking down at handheld devices and computers develops a line around the neck and chin. This condition called 'TechNeck' is observed among tech-obsessed people.

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Can Help You Quit Smoking

Smartphones can help clinicians create awareness and log in information about smokers, helping them guide and counsel smokers on quitting. A study revealed that use of mobile tools increased the rates of screening and counselling. Also Read - Anxiety In Children With Cancer: How Can It Impact Mental Well-Being?

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Can Ruin Your Metabolism

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Makes Your Children Anti-social

It is believed by many scientists that smartphone addiction may impair the ability of brain functioning of kids and a new study has revealed that increased use of smartphones and lesser time spent for face-to-face interaction leads to the decline in social skills among kids.  Also Read - International Day Of Older Persons 2022: 5 Lifestyle Tips For Healthy Aging

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5. Detects Jaundice In Babies

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Can Predict Parkinson's Disease

A study recently reported a new smartphone app capable of detecting early signs of Parkinson’s disease, several years before people experience tremors. The app picks up subtle changes in a person’s voice, gait and manual dexterity to diagnose the condition.