Blame Delhi smog for these symptoms!

Before you reach for your regular meds, check out this list of smog induced symptoms!

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Smog Signs

With the dangerous air pollution level Delhi, the city as a whole, faces a crisis, but has the smog made you sick? Check out the symptoms listed by Dr Ashok Rajput, Sr. Consultant, Pulmonology & Sleep Medicine, Venkateshwar Hospital, Dwarka to know if any of your current symptoms are due to the smog.

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Avoid Exposure to Pollutants: Several pollutants present in the air can cause damage to your lungs as well as overall health. For example, synthetic fragrances used in various laundry products and air fresheners emit toxic chemicals. Also Read - How To Support A Couple Suffering From Infertility: What To Say And What Not To

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Runny Nose

Runny nose: Do not mistake a runny nose as a sign of viral infection as it could also be due to the excessive air pollution. If it is coupled with a cough, cold or a sore throat, do consult a doctor to get treated.

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Aggravated asthma: If you already suffer from asthma, then severe changes in the environment and the high levels of pollution in the air can further aggravate your condition. Also Read - Why Are Newborns More Susceptible To Contracting Jaundice?

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Burning sensation in eyes: The presence of harmful chemicals, pollutatns and particulate matter in the air can get into your eyes leading to red eyes and burning sensation in the eyes. If left untreated it can also lead to conjunctivitis.

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Abdominal problems: Air pollution can also lead to symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain as there is a high chance that dirt and pollutants can enter your stomach through the food.  Also Read - Remote Heart Monitoring Has Become More Relevant In The Post Pandemic Era: Know Why

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Allergies: The pollutants from the air can get affect your skin and trigger an allergic response. Be it itchy skin or redness or skin inflammation, it could be due to air pollution.

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Headache: Yes, smog can also lead to a headache as inhalation of polluted air and smoke can trigger a headache. If you have been having frequent headaches in recent times, it could be a sign that smog is affecting you. Also Read - Unhealthy Gut: 5 Dangerous Habits That Can Damage Your Stomach Completely