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4 best sex positions for COPD, asthma and breathlessness

Don't let COPD stop you from ejoying sex.

Written by Sandhya Raghavan | Updated : November 14, 2017 10:14 PM IST


COPD Sex Positions

Sexually transmitted infections



Spoon sex: Spooning works best for couples who intend to save up on their energy since it doesn't involve a lot of work from both parties. It works best for both partners, irrespective of who is suffering from the problem. Because of the angle of penetration, it also facilitates easy G spot access.  Also Read - How To Choose The Right Health Insurance Cover - Things To Keep In Mind



Woman-on-top: This works best if the one suffering from COPD is the man. Since most of the labour-intensive moves are to be performed by the woman, the man will be able to conserve his energy and prevent wheezing episodes. Even reverse cow girl works best for the same reason.



Scissors: Scissors or scissoring is an easy sex position, which is not only pleasurable but also easy on your lungs. It requires the two of you to lie down and entwine your legs in a scissor position. It works for both the man and the woman.