Anxiety disorder: Manage your anxiety naturally

A person with anxiety disorder may find it difficult to lead a normal life because of incessant worries. Try our tips for a quick solution.

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Anxiety sets in when a normal emotion of worry, fear or nervousness goes overboard and becomes a hurdle in your daily life. It is a normal reaction to stress and might be helpful in some situations. But, when it starts to hinder your day to day life then it’s a sign that you have anxiety disorder. There are mainly five type of anxiety disorders. These are generalised disorder, social anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder and post-traumatic disorder. Anxiety varies from person to person. You might get butterflies in your stomach or a racing heartbeat. Some might experience nightmares while others may not be able to sleep well. It becomes difficult for people to concentrate and control their thoughts. You might start avoiding situations and places to prevent these feelings. You must consult a doctor if you experience any of these symptoms. Here, we give a few tips to help you deal with this disorder.

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Start exercising: A ten-minute walk can do wonders for your mental health. It will have a positive effect on your brain. If you exercise regularly, you will be less likely to feel anxious.

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Outdoors Resize

Spend time outdoors: Even a small plant in your room or a picture of a plant can make you less anxious, angry or stressed. Think what effect going to a nearby park or garden will have on you. It will improve your mood and lower your blood pressure, heart rate, tension and what not.

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Do some gardening: Cultivate gardening as a hobby. It releases mood boosting chemicals to calm your mind. You will also get to spend quality time outdoors and the physical activity will rejuvenate you.

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Have sex: Are you stressed? Have sex. It might be the last thing on your mind when you are anxious, but sex has the ability to lower the body’s stress response. And, a committed partner can help make you happier and keep anxiety at bay.

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Try aromatherapy: Aromas of chamomile, lavender or rosewater help you calm down. These aromas send chemical messages to your brain that affect mood and emotion.