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7 tips to live well with Parkinson's disease

Written by Poorva Chavan | Published : April 10, 2015 6:16 PM IST


Parkinson's is not only an age-related degenerative disease but is also at times seen in the younger population. Since there is no known cure for the disease, managing it properly is the only way to reduce the burden of this disease. Scroll through to find out how you can effectively manage Parkinson's.

Don't Over-exert, Physically:

Don't over-exert yourself: While maintaining your weight is necessary, exerting yourself physically should be avoided. Don't perform any tasks that involve lifting, pushing or pulling any heavy objects. Anything that puts a strain on your body should be avoided.

Don't Rush To Do Things

Don't rush to do things: Take your own time to finish your tasks. Make sure you don't hasten things because you will only strain your body in turn. Don't rush your meals, eat at your speed. Even while doing activities like dressing or brushing your teeth, don't be in a hurry. Also Read - Polycystic Liver Disease (PLD): When Liver Transplant Is Required?

Take Support

Take support: It's not only about mental support, don't shy away from taking physical support as well. Use a stick while walking to maintain your balance and avoid any accidents.


Take medications on time: Medicines are an integral part in the management of Parkinson's disease. Ensure you don't skip any medicines and consume them on time. You can also take help from various mobile apps or set reminders to ensure timely medication.