7 surprising foods for healthy bones

Do you know about these bone-healthy foods?

Written by Shraddha Rupavate | Updated : October 19, 2015 6:04 PM IST

Fish 5

Fish like salmon and sardines are rich in calcium. Moreover, just 3 pieces of salmon fish can provide you with the entire daily recommended allowance of vitamin D . They are also rich in omega 3 fats, which help in lowering the rate of bone loss. Read more about health benefits of salmon fish

Green Vegetables

Green and leafy vegetables like spinach (palak), spring onions, fenugreek (methi), cabbage (gobi), broccoli are the best sources of calcium for people who do not consume much of dairy products like milk, yogurt and cheese. Just one katori of cooked leafy vegetables like spinach can give you about 25 percent of your daily calcium requirement. Spinach is also rich in vitamin K which helps in boosting the bone mineral density. Also Read - US Doctors Find A Fully Intact Housefly Inside The Intestine Of A Man: Could It Be Intestinal Myiasis?

Eggs 4

Eggs are one of the cheapest sources of good protein. But they are also rich in vitamin D. Egg yolk can provide you with almost 6% of vitamin D that your body requires every day.


Although oranges are mainly consumed for their richness in vitamin C, they can also help to build healthier bones. Vitamin C or ascorbic acid plays an important role in the absorption of calcium. Also Read - 7 Simple Ways To Add Flaxseeds In Your Diet

Nuts 5

Nuts like almonds and groundnut have higher amount of potassium, which plays a role in preventing loss of calcium through urine. Walnuts are known for their richness in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fats are crucial for slowing down the rate of bone loss and enhancing the process of bone formation. Nuts are also fair sources of protein and some other nutrients that contribute to stronger bones.

Bananas 3

Bananas are rich in potassium, calcium and magnesium. All three nutrients help in bone strengthening. Read more about 10 healthy reasons to go bananas!

Surprising Foods For Healthy Bones

The entire human skeleton is thought to be replaced every 10 years through the process of bone dissolving and remodelling. But when the bone build-up lags behind the process of bone breakdown, you’re likely to suffer from lowered bone mass or osteoporosis. For keeping pace with bone breakdown you should supply your body with two essential minerals: calcium and vitamin D. The daily recommendation for calcium in adults (upto age 50) is 1,000 milligrams and vitamin D requirement is 200 international units (IUs). Your bones form an important framework for providing structure to your body and protecting your internal organs from direct trauma. So, it is better that you start taking good care of them by including these foods in your diet. Also Read - Fitness Rules When You Hit 40: 9 Things Men Must Follow