7 interesting facts about your belly button we bet you didn't know

Did you know that around 1400 types of bacteria thrive in your belly button?

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Facts About Belly Button

The belly button has been fascinating people for ages but did you know of these mind-blowing facts about your belly button?

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Belly Button Contains Microorganisms

Your belly button is not only one of the unique spots on your body but also one of the dirtiest -- loaded with bacteria and microorganisms. Researchers at North Carolina State University found that there are an average 1400 types of bacteria swarming around in there. Also Read - Sudden Cardiac Deaths Increase In India: Detecting It Early May Lower Risk

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Belly Button Is A Scar

Your belly button is a scar left over from your umbilical cord that attached you to your mother’s placenta. When you were born, the doctor tied the umbilical cord and cut it, leaving behind a scar.

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Belly Button Fades

Not everyone has belly buttons all their life. Many people have their navels fade over time and have a scar or a small bump instead. Also Read - 10 Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Cough

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Erogenous Zone In Women

The belly button is one of the most erogenous zones of a woman’s body. So, the next time you want to take it to the next level, you know where to touch.

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All Mammals Have Belly Button

Not just humans, all mammals from lions to whales have belly buttons.  Also Read - Heart Failure And Old Age: What Is New To Know?

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Belly Button Forms A Lint

There is always a formation of lint in the belly button. It is formed by the fibres in your clothing and your body hair that gets trapped in the area.

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Used In Alternative Medicine

The navel has been used as a site to treat many ailments in alternative medicine. It is one of the main chakras or point of energy in the body which assists healing. Also Read - World Rabies Day: DCC Launches Vaccination Drive For Stray Dogs In Delhi