6 ways fashion is taking a toll on your health

Don't you just love being fashion forward? Here are some 'fashionable' habits that can ruin your health.

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High Heels

Are you a fashion diva who loves to strut in heels, sport the trendiest hairstyle and wear the latest ensemble? Did you know these could come with health risks? We tell you how fashion could be ruining your health.

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Side Parting Hair

Side hair parting - Every time you part your hair to one side, your head tilts in the same direction and the chin to the other. This condition is known as wry neck.

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Tight Jeans

Skinny jeans - Your favourite skinny jeans is surely stylish but it is gripped tightly around the waist, hips, thighs and calves and could strain the joints. Also, as you put in your phone or wallet in the back pocket of your jeans, there could be an imbalance in the hip alignment, causing your back or hip to ache.

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Tight Skirts

Tight-fitting skirts - Pencil skirts or even bodycon dresses that pull your knees together restrict your movement, especially when you are wearing them for long hours. This could lead to strained and pulled muscles or disc problems.

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Heavy Bag

Oversized handbags - That huge handbag may fit your world in it but all that extra weight on one side of your shoulder could curve your spine, leading to several backache issues.

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Heavy Jewellery

Heavy necklaces and accessories - A simple dress can look like a million bucks if you team it with the right chunky neckpiece, isn’t it? On the flipside, you should know that heavy accessories put pressure on the muscles, tendons and joints of the neck. As the neck is pulled, the head tends to tip away from its neutral balance point and develops severe neck tension, pain and damage.

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High Heels

High heels - High heels sure add an edge to your posture but in the long run it could worsen your back’s condition. There is excessive exertion on the back, hips and knees causing damage and excessive pain.