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6 ways a computer can ruin your health (Gallery)

Working in the front of computer for hours together? You could be at a risk of these 6 health problems.

Written by Shraddha Rupavate | Updated : March 25, 2014 12:06 PM IST


Musculoskeletal Problems

Muscle soreness and muscle fatigue are the most common complaints of regular computer users. Back pain, chest pain, pain or numbness in arms, shoulder and feet top the list. These types of problems mainly occur because your posture while using the computer is not correct. Either you are sitting on an uncomfortable chair or your workstation is not supportive of correct posture. Read more about causes of muscle pain.



Because of increased muscle tension or pain in the neck at the base of the skull, headache is common problem with computer use. Many a times, prolonged use can affect eye power which needs vision correction.



Technology has a huge impact on our behaviour and emotions. Prolonged computer use along with other factors like poor health, work pressure and job environment can make you susceptible to stress. Moreover, the longer you uphold the stress, the more susceptible you become to other health issues mentioned above. It can also lead to loss of concentration, dizziness and weariness. Also Read - ICMR Reveals Most Common Cancers Among Delhi's Men And Women: Check Them Out


Repetitive Stress Injury

Pain in the neck, shoulder, or anywhere from the shoulder to fingers may indicate repetitive stress injury. When you use your muscles in an awkward position, you may experience stiffness, pain or swelling in that area. For example, twisting the wrist to use the mouse or specific typing technique that causes stretching of fingers or pressure on the wrist can turn really painful. One of the disorders that affect the fingers and wrist is carpal tunnel syndrome.


6 Problems Common With Computer Use

Technology has truly become an inseparable part of our lives and an essential tool in every field. But, with increasing number of computer users, the number health issues are also growing at a rapid pace. If you work in front of a computer for a few hours that too once in a while you may not be at a health risk. But if you spend about 4 hours or more everyday then you should probably keep a check on these health issues. Also Read - Sidharth Malhotra And Kiara Advani Wedding: 7 Signs of A Healthy Relationship


Childhood Obesity

Studies have shown that prolonged use of computers, especially in children, is the major contributing factor of sedentary lifestyle and childhood obesity.