6 tips to protect your heart against increasing air pollution

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With the air quality depleting, it has become super crucial to stay abreast about ways you can shield yourself, especially your heart against dangerous diseases. Due to the exposure to the particulate air pollutants, your heart is at a risk of suffering from an acute heart attack. This is because of the sympathetic stress response reflected by changes in heart rate variability, production of cytokines and vulnerability to plaque rupture. So, here are a few useful tips that can come in handy to shield your heart from the increasing air pollution levels.

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Green Neighborhood

Choose a green neighbourhood: If you have a choice, live in a place with more green cover to reduce the risk of health complications due the exposure to air pollution.

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Incense Sticks

Don’t burn those incense sticks: Avoid burning scented candles, dhoop or incense sticks at home or workplace as they majorly contribute to the degradation of the indoor air quality and puts you at the risk of developing lung cancer.

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Plant More Trees

Do your bit to increase the green cover: Cover the bare soil by growing grass to help decrease the amount of dust. If possible, sprinkle water on exposed soil or construction sites regularly to reduce the dust from producing and spreading. Wet mop the floor at home or workplace.

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Public Transport

Use Public Transport: Plan your long-distance trips by taking use of the public transport as much as possible. If you must drive yourself, maintain your vehicle well by ensuring regular servicing and pollution checks to decrease harmful exhaust emissions. Adhere to the speed limits and avoid buying diesel vehicles.

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Stop smoking: Cigarettes cause pollute the air 10 times greater than an exhaust of a diesel car. Environment tobacco smoke puts your health at major risk as it produces fine particulate matter. Smoking shrinks your blood vessels thereby restricting blood circulation to the heat, brain, and other critical organs. It increases the chances of blood clotting in your legs and lungs making you highly susceptible of a heart attack and stroke. Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer and also lead to other diseases such as autoimmune disorder like rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s disease, type 2 diabetes, lung diseases and premature deaths.

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Walk & Bicycle

Walk and bicycle: Walk and bicycle the short distance trips and to the neighbourhood markets. Try to plan and run all your errands in one area or by distributing it in one trip only. Choose carpool over individual vehicle.