5 ways to help your autistic child live better

Know about alternate treatment options for autism.

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Non-verbal Ways To Communicate

Look for non-verbal ways to communicate: As autistic kids find it difficult to communicate directly, it is important to find non-verbal cues to connect. Get to know the sounds they like or make, gestures or expression common in them, or the motivation behind their tantrums. Also Read - New Bioengineered Cornea Helps Blind People See: It Is Made Of Protein From Pig Skin

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Focus on their positive side: Positive reinforcement works for everyone. Praise your child when he performs good in anything. Also, reward him.

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Specific Learning Disability

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Know what to offer: Parents of autistic kids should be extra careful when it comes to their foods. Foods containing additives can increase their onset of autistic symptoms. Include fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, and unsaturated fats in your kid’s diet.

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Grocery Shopping

Include them in daily activities: Though kids with autism do not like going out and socializing, involving them in daily activities like grocery shopping will help them come out of their insecurities and condition a bit.  Also Read - COVID Rise Continues Across India, 49 Deaths Reported In Last 24 Hours