5 symptoms of measles you need to know about

Read on to know about the signs and symptoms that can indicate that you are suffering from measles.

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Measles is an infectious disease that is caused by the rubeola virus and it spreads rapidly inside your body causing red marks to appear on your face, hands, legs and on your back. According to the estimates of the World Health Organization each year 2.6 million people who do not take vaccine against this virus lose their lives. This virus spreads via air and if you come in contact with an affected person, you may also develop this disease. This disease is more common in kids. According to some estimates, if you are not vaccinated for this virus and anyone in your home is carrying this virus, you are 90 per cent at risk of getting this infectious disease. The thing that makes this virus more dangerous is that you can spread it around four days before the symptoms appear. Here, we tell you about the signs and symptoms that can indicate that you are infected with measles.

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High fever: This is the first symptom that pops up when you get infected with the rubeola virus. Generally, the fever begins 10 to 12 days after your exposure to the virus.  Also Read - Is Cardiac Arrhythmia Common In Post Covid-19 Patients? Explains Cardiologist

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Sore throat: Measles can also lead to a sore throat, you may experience difficulty in swallowing food and may feel itchiness inside your throat for a long period of time.

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Runny nose: If you are infected with the virus that cause measles, you are likely to experience a runny nose. Sometimes people tend to misinterpret this symptom with common cold that leads to delayed diagnosis.  Also Read - Why Are Raisins Better Sweetener Than Sugar? Know From An Expert

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Rashes: After 3-4 days of your exposure to the virus, you may find tiny red spots around the ears, face and your neck initially. After some time, these rashes can cover your whole body with red marks.

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Koplik spots: You may notice tiny white marks on the inside your cheek and on the back of your mouth, these marks are also known as koplik spots.  Also Read - Swine Flu Claims 4 Lives In Ludhiana, 2 Deaths Reported In 48 Hours