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5 science-backed tips to improve your gut health

Written by Editorial Team | Published : May 24, 2019 12:14 PM IST

Gut Bacteria

Numerous gut bacteria live inside your body that plays a pivotal role in ensuring your overall well-being. A couple of years after birth, gut bacteria starts to develop inside your body. Some of these bacteria are healthy for your body while others can cause damage. The common function of these bacteria is helping you digest food, battle diabetes and obesity. This is because your gut bacteria affect your body’s metabolism and excess gut bacteria inside your body can lead to the build-up of fat around your liver. When your liver gets surrounded with fat it paves the way for cardiovascular ailments, type 2 diabetes and obesity. To ensure a healthy gut, eating probiotic foods can be a good option. According to a study published in the journal General Psychiatry, people living with anxiety symptoms can get relief by opting for probiotic foods. Here, we tell you some of the science-backed tips that can help you manage your gut health.


Opt for fermented foods: The process of preparing a fermented food include the involvement of bacteria or yeast that converts the sugar in foods to organic acids or alcohol. These foods are known to be rich in lactobacilli, a type of bacteria that can work wonders for our gut health. The common fermented food that you can include in your dietary is yogurt.


Eat high-fibre foods: High-fibre foods are difficult to digest, but certain bacteria in your gut can easily break down these foods that stimulates their growth. The prominent source of high-fibre food is whole grain. Also Read - Depression: 9 Natural Ways People Can Heal


Drink green tea: Green tea is rich in polyphenol content which is a plant compound that curbs your blood pressure, inflammation and cholesterol levels.

Plant-based Diet

Following plant-based diet: Plant-based diet are good for your overall well-being, you can also improve your gut health by regularly eating plant-based foods. In a study published in the journal Environmental Microbiology Reports, it was found that a vegetarian diet helped in reducing disease-causing bacteria in those who were overweight.  Also Read - Hypertension: Can Breathing Exercises Help Regulate Blood Pressure?