5 horrible ways your underwear affects the health of your vagina

You can suffer from a range of conditions from UTI to yeast infection if you are wearing the wrong underwear.

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Ways Your Underwear Harms Your Vagina

Yes, you know that going commando while you sleep can help your vagina breathe. But wearing the same underwear throughout the day may pose risks too. Learn from gynaecologist Dr Sumit Jha how your underwear affects the health of your vagina.

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Thongs Spread E.coli To Your Vagina

Thongs spread E.coli to your vagina: Thongs tend to go inside your butt cleavage and slide around a lot and thus transfer the E.coli bacteria from your anus to your vagina. Also, if you are prone to UTIs and yeast infections, a thong will only exaggerate your issues.

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Sweaty Panties Lead To Yeast Infections

Sweaty underwear leads to yeast infection: If you are prone to sweating, you should know that it is not going to protect your vagina from developing a yeast infection. The sweat can be the breeding ground for bacteria so be sure to change your underwear as many times as possible during the day.

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Synthetic Panties Cause Rashes

Synthetic panties cause rashes: Synthetic fabrics like polyester and lace could irritate your vagina and also lead to rashes. So no matter how cute they look, remember that panties made of nylon, polyester and lycra are not worth their cuteness. It is best that you avoid wearing them.

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Tight Underwear Leads To Ingrown Hair

Tight underwear leads to ingrown hair: The area around your vagina is thin and is thus more sensitive than the rest of your skin. Super tight underwear can cause a lot of friction and lead to ingrown hair.

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Shapewear Can Cause UTI

Shape wears can cause UTIs: Shape wears could lead to decreased circulation. And since wearing a shapewear can make it tough for you to visit the bathroom, holding in the pee could lead to UTI. So, if you want to keep wearing shape wears, at least be sure that you urinate frequently.