5 culprits of constipation

Are you tired of sitting on the commode due to constipation? Read to understand the culprits to do away with the condition.

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Toilet Roll

On an average every individual should be able to defecate at least three time per week. Bowel movements less than that can point towards constipation. When your colon absorbs a lot of water or the muscles contract slowly that the stool moves very slowly through your digestive tract it results in constipation. As the stool loses too much water, it tends to harden. And when your faeces sits in your colon for three or more days, the mass hardens further making it difficult for the stool to pass through. Poor diet and an inactive lifestyle are among the most common reasons of constipation. Fast food takes a toll on your digestive health. Here are a few possible common reasons that is leaving you constipated all the time.

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Bad Bathroom Habits

Bad bathroom habits: Do not ignore the urge to defecate. The tendency to control the urge for later causes constipation. Ignoring or controlling the urge confuses your rectum and anal sphincter muscles which leads to constipation. the longer the stool stays in your colon, them more water is absorbed making it difficult to pass the stool by the time you decide to sit on the commode. Regular timed usage of bathroom helps to maintain regular bowel movements.

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Colon Cancer

Cancer or other systemic diseases: Colon cancer, diabetes, hypothyroidism, Parkinson’s disease are some diseases that result in constipation. Seek medical advice to understand step to alleviate the condition. Such diseases cause your metabolic process to slow down. The slower movement of stool causes the digestive contents to take longer durations to get reabsorbed by the colon which results in decreased frequency of stools and hardened stools.

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Less water intake or dehydration: Low intake of water forces the body to use up its resources quickly. Your body tends to compensate for the reduced water levels by absorbing it from all the other sources possible. It first target is the body waste which is the reason why who suffer from constipation. Water is also absorbed during the slow movement of food through your intestines which worsens the entire problem.

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Anti depressants can cause intestinal bleeding. © Shutterstock

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Sedentary lifestyle: Inactive or sedentary lifestyle drastically reduces the body metabolism. Exercise helps to regulate the intestinal activity which keeps the food moving smoothly through your digestive tract. Abdominal exercise helps to regulate your bowel movement. Therefore, an inactive lifestyle can result in constipation as it considerably lowers your metabolism and affects the production of mucus, which is an essential fluid required to lubricate the anus.