4 lifestyle habits that negatively affects your bone health

know how you can maintain your bone health.

Written by Shriya Sinha | Published : March 6, 2019 3:13 PM IST

Bone Health

Your bone health is not only at risk when subjected to any external force, falls or blow, but other factors play an equally important factor in determining your bone health. Factors such as your family history, Genetics, Petite frame, age, race, gender, etc. increases the vulnerability to various bone problems such as fractures, bone loss, osteoporosis, etc. But there are many lifestyle choices that you can control to protect your bone health. Here is a list of few lifestyle choices that you should get rid of today.


You are physically very inactive: Bone is a living tissue, therefore, the more you use it the better your bones will adapt and strengthen. It is important to incorporate weight bearing exercises and strength training exercises. Get rid of your sedentary lifestyle because being a couch potato is just detrimental to your bones.  Also Read - Do These 3 Things If You Want To Increase The Vitamin D Content In Your Body

Extreme Loss Of Weight

You are losing a lot of weight: Weight management is certainly important but losing a lot of weight can harm your bones. A Body Mass Index that is lower than 18.5 increases your risk of developing osteoporosis.


You avoid sunlight: Vitamin D is very crucial for your bones to absorb calcium. Your deficiency of vitamin D results in thinner and weaker bones, which will result in microfractures and osteoporosis. It is crucial to get 20-30 minutes of sun exposure in the morning or evening to get your intake of vitamin D. Fish is another good source of vitamin D. Just cook the fish with the bone with dairy products and oils.  Also Read - Signs And Testing: Protecting Adults And Kids From Respiratory Infections

Salty Food

You like to eat salty snacks: High intake of sodium in postmenopausal women increase the chances of fractures 4-times more than those whose sodium intake is low. The reason behind this is that hen the kidneys excrete the sodium, calcium also gets drained from your bloodstream.