11 reasons papaya is good for your health Gallery)

Papaya is unique because of the enzyme papain that it contains. Find out how the enzyme empowers papaya to deliver all these benefits

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Reduces LDL Or Bad Cholesterol

Papaya is loaded with nutrients like vitamin C, antioxidants and fibre. These nutrients prevent cholesterol build up on the walls of the arteries.

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Protects You Against Cancer

Papaya is rich in phytonutrients and flavonoids as well. These compounds protect the DNA of your cells, thereby preventing cancer. Also Read - Can PCOS Be Managed Without Medicines? Explains Dr Arbinder Singal

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Helps Reduce Stress

If you have had a tough day at work, eat slices of papaya in your evening snack time. Nutrients in them regulate stress hormones and help you cope up with increasing amounts of stress in a better way.

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Helps You Burn Calories

All weight watchers who want to achieve their weight loss goals must include papaya in their diet. It’s sweet yet low in calories. Moreover, fibre present in papaya will make you feel satisfied and full. Also Read - Prostate Cancer Awareness Month 2022: 4 Signs Of Prostate Enlargement

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Improves The Immune System

Your immune system is your ultimate defence mechanism against different types of infections that you can acquire. Papaya being rich in vitamin C acts as a natural immune booster.

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Helps You Manage Sugar Levels

Papaya, as mentioned before, is low in calories and sweet in taste. This makes it an ideal fruit for people with diabetes. Also, people having pre-diabetes can prevent diabetes by eating papaya.  Also Read - 5 Routine Habits That Impact Sperm Count Of Men

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Improves You Eye Sight

Not as good as carrots, papaya is still a rich source of Vitamin A that you should consider for the sake of your eyes. It prevents degeneration of vision due to age-related diseases like macular degeneration.

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Protects The Joints

Arthritis is a debilitating disease where joint pain becomes unbearable at one point. By eating papayas you will keep your bones intact. They prevents inflammation of the tissues because they are rich in anti-inflammatory agents.  Also Read - Newborn Screening Awareness Month: Protect Little Ones From Inborn Errors Of Metabolism

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Helps Digestion

Papaya contains a digestive enzyme called papain that boosts your digestive system and ensures it’s functioning properly. It also has fibre content that helps the process of digestion.

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Relieves Menstrual Pain

Women who experience bad pain during menstruation can ease their symptoms with papaya. Apart from helping digestion, papain also regulates the flow during menstrual period. Also Read - Cholera Outbreak Kills 29 in Syria; Know When The Disease Can Become Deadly

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Slows Down Ageing

Papaya is rich in antioxidants like Vitamin C, Vitamin E and beta-carotene which prevents pre-mature ageing of skin cells. This prevents wrinkling of skin caused due to free radical damage.

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11 Benefits Of Papaya You Should Know

Papaya is a fruit enjoyed by one and all. And these amazing health benefits that it offers will give you more reasons to add it to your diet if you are not including them. Also Read - Benefits Of Fasting: How Fasting Can Detox & Cleanse Your Body, Watch Video