Diet To Fight Inflammation: 7 Worst Eating Habits You Must Note

Some foods are really bad if you suffer from chronic inflammatory problems.

Written by Kinkini Gupta | Updated : December 8, 2023 7:38 PM IST


How To Fight Inflammation?

A good and healthy diet can easily help your body fight inflammation. There are two types of inflammation that can affect the body, temporary and chronic. Temporary inflammation can happen when your body is under attack from viruses and bacteria but after a few days it goes away. Chronic inflammation on the other hand is more serious as it happens without any injury or infections like for example psoriasis and arthritis. In this case, you must avoid foods that will make your symptoms worse.


Not Eating Enough Produce

Just as eating some foods are very bad for inflammation, not eating some good food can also trigger symptoms. Fresh produce is very good to fight this health problem and you must make sure to eat enough of it daily.


Stop Eating Fast Foods

Fast foods are high in saturated fat, they are over-processed, high in carbs, salt and also sugar. They contain almost no good nutrients.


Eating Late At Night

The best way to fight inflammation is to eat your meals on time. Eating late at night can trigger inflammation and make your symptoms worse.