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5 ways to cut 500 calories in a day from your plate

You have always heard that the most basic way to lose weight is cut down on calories. That's diet 101. But thinking how to do it? We'll tell you how!

Written by Sudhakar Jha | Published : September 16, 2018 3:03 PM IST


Cut Calories

You are about to read one of the best advices you’ve ever got on weight loss. You’ve tried to shed those extra kilos with a lot of diet plans, but to no avail. So, start with this and see your body drop half a kilo in just one week by cutting down on 500 calories every day. Go for a couple of swaps and see a drop of 5 kilos in 5 weeks!


No To Nuts

Say no to nuts: The bigger the serving bowl, the more you’ll eat, researchers from the Cornell University said. And they are not wrong as just 1 handful of oil-roasted mixed nuts have more than 170 calories. And we are sure that you don’t stop at just 1 fistful of them. Fix? Go for pistachios. They have 80 Kcal in 1 handful and the shells will slow down your eating rate. Also Read - Involuntary Defecation: Vladimir Putin Slipped On Stairs Causing Him To Involuntarily Defecate, What Is This Condition?


No TV While Eating

Stop eating while Netflixing: You tend to eat 288 calories more when binge watching a series and eating, that’s what the University of Massachusetts says. Try to eat at the dining table and cut down on your TV time for some casual walk around your vicinity.


Eat In Smaller Plate

Go for smaller plates: Swap your big plate for the smaller one and you will go on to eat 20 or 25 per cent lesser. Thinking about filling your belly? Well, research says that you won’t feel any less full after the meal is over. It’s all in your mind!