Avoid these snacking mistakes if you want to lose weight successfully

Written by Ajay Pal Singh | Updated : January 10, 2019 2:17 PM IST


Dried Fruits

According to the dieticians and tried and tested strategies, eating snacks in a span of every 3 to 4 hours can help you lose weight. However, overeating or having unhealthy snacks can affect your quest to shed those extra kilos. Your workout, health conditions or even your lifestyle everything affects your weight loss mission. Here are six mistakes you tend to make while getting rid of those extra pounds.


Opt for a snack that doesn’t make you satiated: If you’re planning to lose weight, your diet should include proper amount of fibre and carbs along with proteins. If you are having food which is carrying huge amount of protein, you might end up taking an excess amount which can hinder your weight loss management.



Your pre and post workout snack out are not well portioned: The quantity of your nutrients and proteins vary on the intensity of your exercise routine. Dieticians suggest snacks that carry 100 to 250 calories, when you’re on a low intensity exercise routine. However, the requirements should be catered according to the hunger level of an individual. Also Read - How to Beat Exam Stress: From Bananas to Milk, Include These Foods in Your Diet Quickly!



You snack out of habit: It is important to understand your body’s requirements in a bid to eliminate the possibilities of having unnecessary calories in your diet. You may be tempted by the snack that is there on your work desk or just out of boredom and end up having it even when you are not hungry.


Overdoing snacks: Excessive intake of healthy snacks like cheese, nuts and dried fruits will increase your calories and sugar levels. You should plan what you eat every weekend and stick to the planning which will help you not to stack up extra snacks. Also Read - Garlic: What happens when you drink garlic juice?