5 on the go healthy snacks to tame your hunger pangs

Overindulgence in unhealthy fried snacks to beat those daily hunger pangs have become a common lifestyle problem. Choose healthy foods to snack on in your daily routine to satisfy your hunger pangs.

Written by Shriya Sinha | Published : December 21, 2018 6:32 PM IST


Almonds And Peanuts

Peanuts and Almonds: Pack those peanuts and almonds in your office container. This bunch of dried fruits will keep you full for longer periods and achieve the daily dose required protein intake.


Puffed Rice: Popularly used in making street foods like bhel puri and chaat, puffed rice is a light option to snack on! Poha and diet chidwa can be your other options for the evening to satisfy your hunger.



Sprouts: Low in calories, rich in fibre and protein, Sprouts are easy on the go munching option. Satisfy those hunger pangs by making sprout salad topped with onions, cucumber, tomatoes, and chillies.