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Dehydration: How to Know If You Are Not Having Enough Water

Remaining dehydrated for a long window of time can become a serious health problem.

Written by Kashish Sharma | Published : March 31, 2023 11:39 PM IST

Not Fulfilling The Body’s Demand

When you are not fulfilling the water demand of your body and this leads to fluid deficiency, you might be called dehydrated. In simple words, it means that your body is using more water than you might be giving it. Even low levels of dehydration can result in headaches, lethargy and constipation.

Dry Mouth And Low Sweating

Among the common symptoms that show a person is dehydrated are dry mouth, lethargy, weakness in muscles, headache, lack of sweating, low blood pressure, dry and flaky skin and others.

Chronic Dehydration Needs Medical Attention

While acute dehydration happens due to extreme heat exposure or prolonged physical activity. This can be resolved by resting and drinking water. However chronic dehydration can stay for a long when you might be forcing your body to function without enough water. If left untreated it can lead to blood pressure disorders and kidney problems. Also Read - Super Cyclone Mocha Makes Landfall: 10 Health Tips From Experts To Stay Safe

How To Rehydrate Your Body?

Among the things you can do to rehydrate yourself fast is drinking water, skim and low-fat milk contain many electrolytes which can help balance the water in your body. Fruits can also make for a perfect hydrating snack. Oral hydration solutions are formulas prepared to prevent and treat dehydration and can be used to replenish the water content.