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Can Insomnia And Hair Loss Be Prevented With Metabolic Balance?

How lifestyle issues like insomnia & hair loss can be prevented with the Metabolic Balance program!!

Written by Tavishi Dogra | Updated : January 28, 2023 1:48 PM IST


Now The Solution

Metabolic Balance is an innovative German nutrition program which is individualized based on a person’s 35 blood parameters, medical history, medicines, food preferences and anthropometric measurements.


A Three-meal Concept

The three balanced meals with a five-hour gap, as suggested by Metabolic Balance, not only give us good nourishment but take care of insulin regulation and gives the body appropriate rest in between the meals so that it can make what it wants.


Protein At Each Meal

The program suggests an adequate amount and variety of protein at each meal, such as milk, yoghurt, eggs, chicken, pulses, sprouts, nuts etc., so that we can get all the essential amino acids through our diet to accomplish the body’s requirements.


Last Meal Before 9 Pm

The program recommends eating timely and sleeping for better well-being!! Not only do the meals help in insulin regulation and stress reduction, but they also allow the production of hormones required for better sleep & hair growth.