5 ways you can use pumpkin to enhance your beauty

Score a radiant skin and flawless hair with your favourite vegetable.

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Ways Pumpkin Can Enhance Your Beauty

Did you try adding pumpkin to your beauty regime? If not, here’s why you should give the pumpkin a go! Pumpkin contains alpha hydroxy acids and enzymes that can help smooth and brighten your skin and the vitamin A and C can prevent free-radical damage. So try these beauty recipes recommended by cosmetologist Nandita Das to enhance your beauty.

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Face Mask

Face mask: To half cup pureed pumpkin, add one teaspoon manuka honey and ½ teaspoon turmeric powder. Combine all the ingredients well and apply a thin layer to your skin. Rinse it off with cold water after five minutes. This pack will brighten up your skin and also heal inflammation. Also Read - Heart Failure And Old Age: What Is New To Know?

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Body Scrub

Body scrub: To 1 cup pureed pumpkin, add 1/4th cup jojoba oil, ¼ cup coffee grounds and ¼ cup Himalayan salt. Mix well all the ingredients and use it as a body scrub. This can help smooth out your skin and also reduce the appearance of cellulite.

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Face Scrub

Exfoliators: You can continue to exfoliate your skin even in winter too, but don't overdo it. Over-exfoliating can really damage your skin barrier.  Also Read - World Rabies Day: DCC Launches Vaccination Drive For Stray Dogs In Delhi

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Peel-off Exfoliating Treatment

Peel-off exfoliating treatment: To half cup pumpkin juice, add two packs unflavoured gelatine, two teaspoons egg whites and one teaspoon tomato juice. Microwave the mixture and wait for it to cool before applying a layer of it onto your skin. Allow the mixture to dry and then peel off. This peel-off treatment will help tighten and brighten your skin.

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Hair Mask

Hair mask: Mix 1 tablespoon pumpkin seed oil, 1/3rd cup coconut oil, 1/3rd cup jojoba oil, five drops of eucalyptus essential oil, and five drops lavender essential oil. Massage it into your scalp and hair. Allow it to settle for a few minutes and then rinse it out completely with a mild shampoo. All these ingredients will stimulate the scalp and prevent hair loss. Also Read - World Heart Day 2022: What Nuts To Consume For Healthy Heart Function?