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9 types of panties or underwear every woman should own!

Confused about what kind of underwear to under your jeans, party dress or a figure-hugging gown? Here's a list of different panties and when to wear them!

Written by Poorva Chavan | Published : July 21, 2016 5:10 PM IST

Types Of Underwear For Women

Don't know how to tackle panty lines that show under tight pants or peeping waist bands from under low-rise pants? Here are different types of panties every woman needs in her wardrobe to dress-up as she wants and not worry about panty lines.

Classic Briefs

Classic briefs--Classic briefs or your granny panties should be your go to panties. Their sides extend well below the hips; the waistband goes above the navel and they offer full coverage in the back. Use them when you are on your period. Wear them on a day when you have to run a hundred errands and all you need is some extra support. They are also excellent for the summers as cotton is extremely breathable and absorbs sweat easily.  Also Read - Green Tea Is Healthy But Only If Brewed The Right Way!

High Cut Briefs

High cut briefs--High cut briefs are a good option when you are wearing low-rise pants but want better coverage and support. Their waistband extends up to one and a half inch below your waist and the leg holes are also deep. They do not offer as much coverage as classic briefs but are equally comfortable.

Control Briefs

Control briefs--Control briefs are a type of shapewear. They are designed to provide full coverage while tucking in excess flab and making your waist and hips appear slimmer. Wear them when you are planning to flaunt a fitting dress or pants and want to hide your paunch. Also Read - How Can Pregnant Women Stay Cool And Comfortable During Peak Summers?


Hipsters--As the name suggests, the elastic of hipsters sits on the hips and not on the waist as in briefs, and they also have low cut leg holes. They offer coverage at the back and come in handy when you are planning to wear low waist/low-rise pants.


Boy shorts--Boy shorts are designed like men's boxer briefs but have a tighter fit. They have a low waistband which sits on the hips but offer better coverage as the leg holes extend up to the thighs. They are somewhat like extremely short shorts. But what makes them useful is that you can wear them under tight clothes as there are no nasty panty lines ruining your outfit. Plus, they are low rise so there's no worrying about the peeping waistband from under your pants. Also Read - Catastrophizing Can Be Symptom Of Mental Illness: What Should You Know About It?


Bikinis--Yes, you can wear bikini bottoms under your regular clothes. The waistband sits up to three inches below the waist, and the leg holes are cut very high. They give minimal coverage but are hardly visible under clothes. However, avoid wearing it when on period or when you have any kind of a vaginal infection. Since the sides are almost absent and the fabric comes in close contact with the vagina there are high chances that it can irritate the delicate skin and also spread the infection.


Thongs offer minimal coverage and are used under figure hugging clothes. A triangular patch attached to the waistband, which is a thin string, offers coverage on the front. The piece is connected to the back with the help of another string that acts as leg holes. Avoid wearing thongs when you are on your period or when you have an infection or a rash. The thin string comes in close contact with the vagina and the anus, which can easily spread the infection and worsen it.

G String

G-string is somewhat like a thong with zero coverage at the back. It appears like two triangular cloth patches attached to each other with the help of a string for leg holes. These patches, one at the front and other at the back, are connected to a waistband that sits up to three inches below the waist. Like a bikini, g-strings are also to be avoided when you are on your period or have any kind of an infection down there. Also Read - Kick Start Your Day With 8 Healthy Drinks