5 things you can gift a makeup junkie on Christmas or New Year

Are you a secret Santa to your makeup junkie friend? These gifts will go a long way in making her feel loved!

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Wondering what to buy for your makeup addict girlfriend? Or planning a Christmas gift for the mad-about-makeup best friend? Here's exactly what you should pick from the stores:

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A professional makeup brush set: This is something that a makeup addict will cherish for a long time! This professional set will be a pride possession for her.

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A lavish shadow palette: This is something that she can fall in love with. Pick the one with many options and appropriate brushes. She'll love you for life!

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A sassy yet compact and portable vanity box: A makeup addict won't leave home without her makeup staples. Gift her a compact vanity case and make her life easier.

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An awesome-sauce hairspray: An expensive hair spray is something she may not have thought about spending money on. Why not gift her one? This isn't a cosmetic but will make her look no less than a celeb.

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A red liquid lipstick: Liquid lipstick is the in thing right now. Choose a bold red colour, as this classic lip-shade is here to stay. She'll just love it!