These graphic eyeliner styles will give you an instant makeover

No. 5 will get you party-ready, instantly.

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Eye Liner

If experimenting with makeup is your thing, I am sure you know how much of a difference your eye makeup can make. Here are some eyeliner styles that you would love to try out.

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This smokey eye with golden glitter eyeliner is a perfect party look when you don't want to be over done. All you have to do is do the smokey eye and use glitter eyeliner to draw a thin line near the eyelash. Try using liquid liner for this.

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This bold yet classy eyeliner is a great switch to your regular look. You'll need silver and black eye-liner for this.Remember to apply some white or silver colour eye liner or kohl on the tear line too, it will make your eyes look bigger.

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This stunning eyeliner style is for someone who likes to experiment while keeping it minimal. All you'll need is aqua blue eye liner and you can achieve this look in less than two mins.

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Who doesn't like the smokey eye. Though this exactly isn't a smokey eye, all you'll have to do is put a thick layer of eyeliner and on the tear line and for a pop of color, apply bright golden color.

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For the lovers of dark colors with a pop of bright, this is the style you're looking for. You'll have to be very careful while applying the violet colour as it should look well blended with the black on both the edges.

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Looking for a peppy look for a day out? This eyeliner style will go amazingly well if you're going for a flirty, young look. Go ahead, if you like experimenting and going bold!

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A little goes a long way. A simple hint of aqua can make so much of a difference in your regular eyeliner style. This is something you can try today itself and look effortlessly chic.