Slay this festive season with these 5 makeup products that cost less than Rs 200

These are all for less than Rs 200 each.

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Mak Fe

Getting makeup products on a tight budget is a difficult task as you wouldn't want to compromise on the quality for the sake of low prices. Allow us to help you find the most appropriate makeup products when you are on a budget. Read on.

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Bp 5

Street Wear Color Rich Perfect Foundation: You'll get this foundation for less than Rs 200, but it is good as any other brand.

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Bp 4

Lotus Herbals Opulence Botanical Eye Liner: This eyeliner is my favourite. The longer handle will give you better grip and make it easier to get that perfect wing!

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Bp 3

Elle 18 Water Resistant Black Out Kajal: This kajal is available under 100 bucks but will work wonders for your eye makeup. This is water-resistant and comes in a sleek pencil form.What else do you need?

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Bp 1

Coloressence Rollon Panstick: This fuss-free roll on concealer is really a very good deal. And you'll find all the shades too. Easier to handle than the liquid one.

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Bp 2

Street Wear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lip Color: After trying this lipstick I can say that this is a must have and you won't find a better lipstick this cheap.