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Skincare tips: 6 ways to prevent fine lines, wrinkles and age gracefully

Want to age gracefully without the wrinkles and the fine lines making you look old? These tips can help.

Written by Poorva Chavan | Published : May 30, 2016 4:13 PM IST


Age Gracefully

Are those fine lines and wrinkles on your face getting the better of you? The thought of how old you look doesn’t escape your mind? Here are some tips by Anjali Hooda Sangwan, consultant - obesity, metabolic medicine and clinical nutrition, on how to age gracefully without looking too old.


Eat A Healthy Diet

Follow a diet—We don’t realise that as we grow old our body finds it difficult to digest gluten and dairy as it could it when we are younger. And that is exactly why you should stay away from a heavy calorie diet. Wheat contains gluten which is difficult to digest, opt for grains like jowar, quinoa and ragi as they don’t affect blood glucose level like wheat and rice. Sugar is also difficult to digest as you age, avoid eating it and opt for natural sweeteners like dates and figs. Also Read - US Health News: Candida Auris, Deadly Fungal Infection Spreading Rapidly, Experts Warn Against Strange Symptoms


Balance Your Hormones

Maintain a hormonal balance—Hormonal fluctuations and imbalances are common with ageing. Try to strike a balance by eating nutritious nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, protein whether it's plant or animal based.


Have A Good Company

Have a good company: Don’t stay aloof from your friends and family. You need them to keep you happy and cheerful. Hang out with your friends whenever you can. Whenever alone, solve puzzles and pursue your hobbies to stay mentally fit.


Regular Check-ups

In addition, many people see a dermatologist for regular check-ups, especially if they want routine maintenance for their skin and hair. But there are a few critical times when seeing a dermatologist is especially important.