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5 most popular celeb cosmetic surgeries in India

Popular cosmetic surgeon Dr Aamod Rao names the five most popular celebrity cosmetic surgeries.

Written by Sandhya Raghavan | Updated : January 13, 2017 4:44 PM IST



Being a celebrity is indeed difficult. They are constantly in the spotlight and are always judged for the way the look, dress and conduct themselves. Obviously, the pressure of looking perfect every time is tremendous. So many go under the knife in an attempt to fit into the universal ideal of what is considered beautiful. Dr Aamod Rao let us in on the five most sought after cosmetic procedures by celebrities.



Six pack abs: Who said you have to work hard to attain the perfect abdominal muscles? Movie stars are sometimes given a very short time to prepare for a role and reducing stubborn belly fat can be time consuming. The need to survive in this highly competitive environment makes many male celebs go in for abdominal etching procedures.  Also Read - When And How To Do Postpartum Exercises?


Breast Augment

Breast enhancement: Female celebs mainly go in cosmetic procedures that enhance their bust line. These cosmetic changes can also enhance their career prospects, giving them an edge over competitors. Although boosting the breast size is widely popular, reduction procedures are also not uncommon according to Dr Rao.



Buttock enhancement: Don’t have time for squats and lunges? No worries. A pert behind is just a nip and tuck away, especially for a celeb. Artists like Nicki Minaj have gone under the knife in a bid to achieve the perfect behind. Also Read - Preventive Health Check-Ups: Need And Importance


Michael Jackson

Rhinoplasty: It is a procedure by which one can reshape one’s nose by making it smaller or bigger. Surgeons can also enhance the angle, alter its tip and remove bumps from its bridge. A good nose job they say can change the celeb’s fate. Many actresses have gone on to become very successful in their career after a rhinoplasty. According to Dr Rao, rhinoplasty is the second-most requested cosmetic procedure in the country.



Abdominoplasty: The number one most-requested procedure according to Dr Rao is the tummy-tucking procedure. Childbirth and age can often take a toll on the tummy. Rolls of skin and flab become unsightly, especially if you are celeb who is in the public eye all the time. The surgeon removes the excess skin and flab to make the midriff look flawless again.  Also Read - 6 Different Types Of Headaches: How To Differentiate?