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Here's why you get pimples on your vagina

It could be because you are wearing tight jeans.

Written by Tania Tarafdar | Published : August 29, 2017 11:48 AM IST

Reasons You Get Pimples On Your Vagina

Acne does not restrict to just your face and you back. They can show up in the most unwanted places including your arms, thighs and your vagina. Yes, you can get pimples on your vagina. Dermatologist Dr Sejal Shah tells you why zits pop up down south.


Waxing: It is a no brainer that waxing can lead to pimples. Pulling out hair with hot wax can create a space for bacteria to enter which in turn can lead to a pimple.

Tight Clothing

Tight clothing: Wearing tight lowers like tight jeans or your workout gear can also lead to pimples on the vagina. Your tight clothing traps the moisture in the skin which in turn leads to breakouts.  Also Read - Can High Blood Pressure Affect Your Period?


Perspiration: Whenever you sweat, a layer of moisture is built on your skin which becomes a breeding ground for the bacteria. This leads to zits. Make sure you wash the area regularly to keep the sweat and bacteria from clogging the pores.