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Essential oils that are better than perfumes

Why spend a bomb on perfumes when you have these natural, sweet smelling essential oils.

Written by Shaloo Tiwari | Published : February 14, 2018 10:34 AM IST


Unique Fragrances

Mr Kiran Ranga, Managing Director, Ripple Fragrances, Master Perfume Creator, says that the fragrance industry is experimenting with different flavours while producing new ones to subdue monotony. Everybody wants to smell others daily or make their homes unmistakably distinct for each unique occasion.



Jasmine essential oil: With a sweet, floral scent will have you feeling fresh all day! Jasmine scent makes you feel less anxious and has relaxing effects.



Rose essential oil: Who doesn't like the smell of roses? However, rose essential oil has a very loud smell therefore you might want to use only a bit.