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6 common objects that are destroying your skin!

Your phone could be giving you acne.

Written by Tania Tarafdar | Updated : May 11, 2017 10:13 AM IST


Objects That Damage Your Skin

So you thought only exposing yourself to the sun can wreck havoc on your skin? Think, again as some things you use could be the culprit of all that acne and blackheads. Don’t trust us? Hear it out from dermatologist Dr Sejal Shah about the objects that are probably damaging your skin.


Your Pillowcase

Your pillowcase: The oils and toxins you on your skin stay on your pillowcase which makes you get up with a breakout the next morning. You can prevent the damage by washing your pillowcase twice a week and cleaning your face before bed. Also Read - 5 Advantages Of Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery


Your Phone

Your phone: Your phone is covered with bacteria, and it is that one object you press to your face so automatically, you can get a lot of breakouts on your cheeks. So make sure that you clean your skin or use your headphones while taking a call.


Your Sunglass

Your sunglasses: You probably keep your sunglass on top of your head or your backpack. When you put them on, the dirt on the sunglass blocks the pores of your nose which are a perfect recipe for blackheads and pimples. Clean your sunglasses often to protect your skin.


Your Exfoliating Scrub

Exfoliating scrub: Over scrubbing your skin can lead to crack and tears in the outer layers of your skin. This may, in turn, cause dry skin and inflammation. Scrubbing once a week can be enough to prevent the build-up of dirt and oil on your skin.