Beauty tip - Types of beauty products to avoid if you have sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is prone to itching, redness and irritation if you use a wrong product! Here's what experts recommend to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

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Isn’t it terrible when even slight exposure to dust and grime or a strong lotion leaves your skin irritated? Coping with sensitive skin can be difficult as you have to be extremely cautious about the products you use for your skin. Here’s a list of products you must avoid if you have sensitive skin:

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Cleansers and toners: Alcohol based cleansers and toners are a strict no-no for sensitive skin. If your cleanser is fragrant or contains paraben, avoid it, says Dr Sirisha. These can cause a hypersensitive reaction. Also Read - Remote Heart Monitoring Has Become More Relevant In The Post Pandemic Era: Know Why

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Perfumes: Perfumes should not be sprayed directly on skin, It is also preferable to avoid using a deodorant stick directly on the skin, suggests Dr Sirisha. These tend to cause an allergic reaction and can lead to pigmentation in the underarms.

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Creams: People with sensitive skin should avoid anti ageing creams. especially ones with vitamin A, as that can surely irritate the skin further, according to Dr Sirisha.  Also Read - Unhealthy Gut: 5 Dangerous Habits That Can Damage Your Stomach Completely

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Chemical based facials: The thumb rule is to avoid harsh chemicals. Opt for natural fruit facials or clean-ups. Face packs that dry the skin like multani mitti must be avoided, suggests Dr Sachi Puri.

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Make up: It should be avoided as much as possible but when absolutely necessary minimalistic application of non-allergenic BB-creams, foundations, eye products, lipsticks, nail polishes is alright, says Dr Puri. Expiry dates of the products should be specifically looked into and medically tested brands must be chosen. In case of an allergic, itchy rash with a particular product, its use should be immediately discontinued. Also Read - Tikki To Halwa: Nutritious Dishes One Can Cook During Navratri