7 antioxidant-rich ingredients to look for in your anti-ageing face cream

The next time you buy skin care products, carefully read the ingredients and look for these seven ingredients that prevent signs of premature skin ageing like wrinkles and pigmentation.

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Antioxidants That Can Fight Against Skin Ageing

Antioxidants are a vital anti-ageing ingredient in any expensive lotion. While free radical activity such as radiation from the sun, pollution and dust cause premature skin ageing, antioxidants from plant extracts can provide protection against their damaging effects. These are the 7 antioxidants you could look for in your skin care products the next time you go shopping.

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Coffee Plant Extracts Can Improve Fine Line And Wrinkles

Coffee plant: This extract has strong antioxidant properties as studies have found that it is highly effective in improving fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, and overall appearance of the skin [1].

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Grape Seeds Extract Can Protect Skin Against UV Damage

Grape seed extract: Resveratrol, a compound found in grapes and proanthocyanidins found in grape seed extracts have anti-oxidant properties and has been shown to possess the ability to protect the skin from harmful UV-induced effects and protect the skin of premature ageing [2].

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Mulberry Can Fight Against Skin Ageing

Mulberry: The extracts of Mulberry (Morus alba) exhibit super oxide scavenging activity or the ability to lighten skin colour and protect it from pigmentation and also improve the appearance of the skin [3].

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Poplar Buds Can Renew Skin Cells

Poplar bud: A recent study has found the potential beneficial effect of Poplar bud (Populus nigra) extract on skin ageing as it showed strong antioxidant defenses and an ability for skin cells renewal [4]. Poplar trees are also commonly grown in India.

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Pomegranates Can Protect Skin Against UV-B Induced Sun Damage

Pomegranate: Pomegranate or Punica granatum extracts protect the skin against UVB-induced premature ageing. Catechin, an active component of pomegranates, is responsible for inhibiting sun damage to the skin and also preventing wrinkles and fine lines [5].

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Soy Extracts Could Fight Against Skin Ageing

Soy extracts: The Isoflavone extract from soybeans is another antioxidant that is effective in fighting against photo-ageing or skin damage caused by sun exposure. Furthermore, Isoflavone extract also prevents skin inflammation [6].

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Green Tea: A Natural Remedy Against Skin Ageing

Green tea: Several studies on green tea (Camellia sinensis) have concluded that both oral consumption and topical application of green tea protects the skin against inflammation and reduces DNA damage that causes wrinkles [7].