6 winter grooming tips every man should follow

Don't let the harsh winter get under your skin.

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Winter Grooming Tips For Men

The harsh winter months can play havoc with your skin and hair. Not just women, men too need to moisturise and incorporate a few grooming changes in their routine to look their best. Here are a few winter care tips for men.

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Moisturise Skin

Moisturise your skin: Your skin may not be as delicate your girlfriend’s but it does suffer in the winter months due to the lack of moisture. To hydrate it well and prevent it from getting too dry, make sure you apply a good moisturiser once a day. Do this after your bath to seal it in properly. Do not forget your hands and feet. You can opt for a fragrance-free, light moisturiser to prevent smelling like strawberries.

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Lip Care For Men

Use a chapstick: Chapped lips are a common occurrence in winter and you would not want to kiss someone with them. To keep your lips soft and kissable, apply lip balm or chapstick on them. You can opt for flavours such as aloe vera or non-flavoured ones as well so that there is no pink residue or sweet smell on your lips. Do this once in the morning and once at night.

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Prevent Dandruff

Prevent dandruff with these tips: The white flakes on your sweater are certainly a turn-off but winter often means the appearance of dandruff. To prevent this, avoid hot water showers, keep your scalp clean by washing your hair once or twice a week and make sure you do not use too many styling gels on your hair. If you have dandruff, use a medicated shampoo such as Selsun or T-Gel.

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Grow a beard: Winter is the season when you can opt for growing a beard as it is manageable and looks trendy too. Yet, make sure you keep it trimmed and groomed from time to time. Style it well and use a shampoo and conditioner to keep it clean. If you do not want to grow a full beard, try sporting a stubble.

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Shaving Tips

Use the right razor: If you prefer a clean-shaven look, make sure you shave with care as in winter skin is dry and prone to getting cut. Use a razor with a sharp blade and change it after 2-3 weeks. Use a shaving gel and shave after your bath when the hair and skin are soft. Also, avoid using soap cleansers as they further dry out the skin. After you shave, apply a soothing moisturiser instead of an aftershave lotion.

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Prevent Shrinkage

Wear thermal underwear: The cold weather can have adverse effects on your private parts. Many men find their testicles to shrink in size during winters. This takes place due to the freezing temperatures. The sperm stored in the testes needs to be regulated at a particular temperature therefore they shrink to get closer to the body to keep the temperature warm. Opting for thermal underwear will also help in keeping your privates warm and prevent shrinkage to a certain extent.